TissueNetix, inc

Cellular Networks by Design (CND™) The new standard for pre-clinical drug toxicity and metabolism screening 

  •  Patent protected, 2- dimensional “mini-tissue” mimics human organs
  •  Cardiac, smooth muscle, neuronal tissue assay platforms 
  •  Consistent, scalable stem cell/tissue sourcing ensures reliable standard

Cardio Verification Test (CardioVT)™) Assays; Fee for Service, Kits

  • Networked cells, human source mimics actual cardiac tissue behavior
  • Unexpected cardiac toxicity a major, costly barrier 
  • NIH Standards recommend moving away from animal toward human tissue
Cells randomly arrayed in assay
No coordinated beating, low signal output
Architecture does not resemble heart tissue
Cells aligned and extensively networked
Synchronous beating and amplified signal
Resembles a piece of heart tissue

Latest News

New Company Formed for Development of new cardiac toxicity assays

San Diego, Calif., November 12, 2011 – Three entrepreneurs have joined to form a new company called TissueNetix, Inc., based in San Diego, CA.  The long-term goal of TissueNetix is to develop high-throughput assays based on human cellular networks.  The first assay that the company is targeting will detect compounds in the drug discovery process that have cardiac toxicity.  The founders are David Giegel, Ph.D., Roberta Gottlieb, M.D., and Lewis Shuster, M.B.A.

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