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TissueNetix is dedicated to developing novel assays that make use of human cells to help eliminate toxic compounds during the drug discovery process. We are developing a novel microplate format of beating, conducting human cardiomyocytes for the most accurate and efficient drug cardiotoxicity screening. TissueNetix applies cell engineering to address unmet needs in the drug discovery process, and plans to develop a portfolio of novel tools for preclinical and diagnostic applications.

One billion dollars and countless hours are invested into bringing a potential drug compound to market. A key bottleneck in this process is screening for adverse effects. In fact, the leading cause for drug dismissal is cardiotoxicity, which often goes unnoticed until advanced clinical trials. With cardiovascular disease being the most prevalent cause of death worldwide, the need for accurate prediction of cardiotoxic effects at early stage drug development is absolutely critical.

Human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cardiomyocytes have offered major advantages in detecting drug cardiotoxicity. These cells not only retain cardiac features but are durable in cell culture environments for laboratory experiments. Currently, iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes can be purchased in a cell culture format; however, such disorganized arrays fall short in providing scientists with an accurate simulacrum of the heart.

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New Company Formed for Development of new cardiac toxicity assays

San Diego, Calif., November 12, 2011 – Three entrepreneurs have joined to form a new company called TissueNetix, Inc., based in San Diego, CA.  The long-term goal of TissueNetix is to develop high-throughput assays based on human cellular networks.  The first assay that the company is targeting will detect compounds in the drug discovery process that have cardiac toxicity.  The founders are David Giegel, Ph.D., Roberta Gottlieb, M.D., and Lewis Shuster, M.B.A.

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